Our recording studio is open for recordings in St. Thomas, Ontario. It is a home-based recording studio located in the Dalewood area of St. Thomas (northside) and not at our business office. We invite any Hip Hop artists in the local area–known, upcoming or just getting started–to record at our studio.

Studio time is $35/hr or $100/3 hr, with additional services extra, including mixing and mastering of tracks. Mix and master is $75 per track. We can also assist you with writing the lyrics for your song for $95.

We have a basic studio setup (but effective nevertheless), with studio microphone and headphone plugged into a laptop that contains our recording software. The studio is located in a 165 sqft room that contains mostly open space with light furnishings. We plan on adding acoustic treatment and do other work to the studio in the near future.

The studio is open two days per week, on Thursdays (5:30PM-10:30PM) and Sundays (12:30PM-8:30PM).

You supply the beat for your recordings. We do have a selection of beats that may be available for purchase and use, but they are of limited supply. Complete the form below to request studio time.