Zenlee is pleased to announce the release of his premiere album titled “Just Poetry.” The album was released on August 12, 2018, and features Lucy Grace, Chindalier, Don Bun King and Soca. The album contains an eccentric mix of hip hop music and showcases the artists’ lyrical and vocal capabilities as Zenlee broke into the music scene. Featuring 15 awesome tracks such as “Believe It,” “Goddess of My Dreamz,” and Zenlee’s performance track “Tha Gates of Eddystone” (performed at the Nocturn Nightclub in Toronto, Canada), the album is sure to entertain fans and listeners with the creative assortment of music.

The production of “Just Poetry” by Sunrize Angkor Records was a miracle in itself. The Record Label was started as a partnership in August 2016 before becoming a Sole Proprietorship in 2019. Zenlee was tasked with producing his own album while working alongside other artists that would set the mark for his music career. After recording a few tracks in 2016, Zenlee found himself in a dry spell before picking up on his recording/production work again. Along the way, Zenlee experiences run-ins with the law and took off for Toronto to finish his album just as he became embroiled in some hot water. While in Toronto, Zenlee finishes his album, before the law caught up to him after three months and he ultimately served two months at the EMDC.

The journey and production of the album demonstrates the capability of Zenlee and his Record Label to deliver on the production aspect of the music. Faced with a tough decision to fight or take flight, Zenlee found himself taking flight before settling down for the fight so that he could focus on finishing up his album with minor interference. He was fighting “sweat, blood, tears” to deliver the premiere masterpiece globally to his fans and listeners, and he delivered on the goods as he had set out to do.

You can purchase, stream and listen his music on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer and more. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel and stay tuned as more music videos get released! Listen to music from the album “Just Poetry” below.

Link Album on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6Obd3pk0ee5kz014KOzbri?si=O3fddNCuTiiDRbw1Ff36VQ&dl_branch=1

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