SUNRIZE ANGKOR RECORDS | eXperience Music In Color (XMIC)

Sunrize Angkor Records is a Record Label based in Toronto, ON, co-owned by Zenlee and Chindalier.  We are focused on bringing our brand of Rap, Hip Hop and R&B music to fans in North America and around the world. Our Record Label also focuses on developing our artists’ talents as Singer/Songwriter, Recording artists and Performing artists.

Sunrize Angkor Records originally got started in the city of St. Thomas, ON, in 2016. We relocated to Toronto, ON, in 2017, as Zenlee moved back to the city after being away for a few years. In addition to our focus on Rap, Hip Hop and R&B music, our Record Label also has a secondary focus on creating our brand of Khmer tracks and re-producing forgotten tracks from Cambodia’s golden era.